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On Friday, June 22, a former cohort of ours lost a long and valiant battle with cancer.

David Granger Carr (pictured left and in front in a 1996 McAlpine Tankersley staff photo) worked alongside us for many years. His wicked sense of humor and Southern gothic charm kept us in smiles and tears for a youthful period in our firm’s history.  He began working as an assistant to Bobby McAlpine and his natural born style gradually led him to helping Bobby artfully decorate some of our house interiors, a few of which are pictured below. This decorating seed led to the creation of McAlpine Booth & Ferrier, an internationally recognized interior design firm and our sister company. Later on, he helmed AD Antiquities, Bobby’s Birmingham, Alabama based interior furnishings boutique. Following the closing of AD, Granger left us and began anew as an interior designer in his own right, working on projects across the globe. He and his faithful dog, Skibo, finally lighted into a bucolic cottage in Highlands, North Carolina.

Often on staff retreats, Granger would inevitably disappear for a day or so, only to return with the phrase “Y’all won’t believe what just happened to me”. A long and comic tale (Granger was educated as a writer) would accompany the excuse, keeping us all enthralled and appalled the whole time.  Unfortunately, we won’t be rewarded with a  dramatic narrative as a result of Granger’s latest departure.  I’ve no doubt, however, that we would still be amazed at what’s happening to our lost associate, now on his greatest jaunt.


  1. Priscilla Chandler says:

    Thanks so much for sending this. You reminded everyone how blessed we are to have had a little part of Granger in our lives.

  2. Tony D. Walker says:

    Granger and I had not passed paths for years. At times, he would come to mind and I would wonder where he was and what he was doing. He was one of those people whom I always enjoyed seeing and talking with; partially, because he had one of the most wonderful smiles I’d ever seen. There was something about him that was magnetic. And, for all who knew him well, you were truly blessed. I hope he is smiling on his new journey.

  3. Kris Kendrick says:

    Granger was a very distinctive speaker, as well. The best part of his stories was listening to him tell the tales in that fabulous (and occasionally modulated) voice of his.

  4. Thank you for the notice. I’d lost touch with Granger and often worried about what had become of him. Now I know: wrapped safely in the arms of our Loving Lord. RIP, Granger.

  5. He’ll always be Dada to me. Now Dada and David have another secret to share that all of us, at some point, will come to know. Love, Deba

  6. gayle jolluck says:

    His great talent and superb “southernisms” will leave a void we’ll all miss….so sorry

  7. Excellent Tribute to an amazing man! 🙂

  8. Amy Carr says:

    Thank you for your beautiful tribute to Granger. You described him so well and I know he would be pleased. He was a wonderful writer and storyteller, a talented designer, a loving son, brother and friend, and a fabulously fun and loving uncle to my children and grandchildren. His loss has left a void in our family that can never be filled.

  9. T. Lloyd Smith says:

    “y’all won’t believe what just happened to me.” That brought back beautiful memories.

  10. Jaime Birmingham says:


    Just want you to know that I am late in learning of Granger’s parting. He was a good friend of mine. I wished to have been more of a part of his life in that he was so supportive of me. I moved away and regretfully lost touch. I will cherish the moments we had and live a life reflective of his gregarious personality. “In the Hollow of his Hand…”



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