David Braly

David and Bobby McAlpine did their undergraduate work together and started their young careers working for firms in Alexandria, Virginia. David went on to receive his masters from Cambridge University, as well as to teach in London, at Eton College and at Auburn University where he helped to train many who walked through the doors of McAlpine. For decades he spotted exceptional talent and led them in Bobby’s direction. David is a respected artist, and his work for clients has earned the recognition, appreciation and praise of architects, designers, businesses, institutions and individuals in the United States and Europe. Galleries in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Savannah, Birmingham, Fairhope and Montgomery have exhibited his paintings, murals, screens, wall hangings and drawings. His work has also been widely published in magazines and books and is featured in quite a number of homes by the firm. David was born and raised in Florence, Alabama. He and his husband, garden designer Mark Montoya, make their home in the historic coastal town of St. Michaels, Maryland. David can be reached at our New York office.