Bobby McAlpine

Born in an Alabama sawmill town, Bobby designed his first house at the age of five—and hasn’t stopped since. Architect, romantic, poet and entrepreneur, he envisions home as a timeless, graceful, and emotionally evocative place. From the time he founded the firm in 1983, he has realized this ideal in a diverse array of traditional styles and regional vernaculars for clients all over the country. Today, known as McALPINE, the firm now embraces a brilliant and eclectic family of professional architects and interior designers with offices in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and New York. Bobby’s popular furniture line, McAlpine Home, is available nationwide.  His latest book, McALPINE Romantic Modernism (Rizzoli 2023) joins his critically acclaimed and Rizzoli bestselling titles The Home Within Us (2010) and Poetry of Place (2017). Bobby can be reached through Richard at our Montgomery office.

“It is no wonder why
I love this work.
I am called by houses.
I understand them.”