John Anderson

John is a native of Alabama and a graduate of Auburn University. Like many McALPINE employees, he started work with the company as an intern. However, John started a little earlier than most. His first integration into the McALPINE world was right after high school with summer employment in Montgomery. His academic pursuits took him to Auburn and then an internship with us in Nashville. Along the way, John studied media arts, philosophy and history in Arricia, Italy, an early Roman town in the Alban Hills of Lazio just south of Rome. He also directed himself in drawing and design based on the rich environment around him. John had the privilege of participating in the design of the student lofts at the Palazzo di Chigi in Arricia, a fabulous Roman experience. John moved in 2012 to work in our NYC office and is now back in Nashville. In his spare time, John plays the piano, plays tennis, knits and explores his East Nashville neighborhood with his four-legged friend, Francis. John can be reached at our Nashville office.