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April 7th 2016 Comments: 3

One of the reactions of the fast-moving digital age is the flexibility of being able to accomplish your work from anywhere in the world. As a result of this, a trend that we’re beginning to see is the advent of the fully outfitted home office. And these work outposts are … [read more]

life, edited

September 3rd 2015 Comments: 17

Downsizing – people my age (53 if you must know) talk about it but seldom actually do it. It only seems to really happen when the kids drag us kicking and screaming into the retirement home. I’ve just completed the final round of two episodes of downsizing so I feel … [read more]

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downsize matters

November 13th 2014 Comments: 3

I’m walking through the sun-drenched courtyard of the A&P Lofts, manicured grass I’ve crossed countless times. I used to live in this building, but as I ascend the stairs I’m not headed to my old apartment on the right, but to the one on the left. Before today, I’d experienced … [read more]

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