April 7th 2016

home work

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One of the reactions of the fast-moving digital age is the flexibility of being able to accomplish your work from anywhere in the world. As a result of this, a trend that we’re beginning to see is the advent of the fully outfitted home office. And these work outposts are not a simple pull-up niche located somewhere within the program of the home – these are full-fledged spaces suited up as beautiful as any other room in the home. It seems people are wanting to take care of their daily (or nightly) chores while surrounded in glamor and finesse.

Homework, the dread of every school-aged child has grown up. In today’s business world, the phrase “nine-to-five” is just a catchy Dolly Parton song. Due to technology and accessibility, our big world seems to be getting smaller and non-stop schedules require us to be productive whenever possible. If you’ve got to bring the office home, let it be accompanied with grace and style.




Bountiful Office



Greg Tankersley,



  1. These beautiful rooms would make me much more productive! I love the first 2 rooms especially. Great ideas for creating a beautiful work environment at home.

  2. Terri Mason says:

    Amazingly beautiful! Well done.

  3. Jordan says:

    Absolutely stunning. I love the mixture of old school, vintage paintings with the more modern touches. Creates a delightful contrast.

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